Chapterhouse formed in the summer of 1987 in Reading, Berkshire. The band comprised Andrew Sherriff and Stephen Patman (Vocals and Guitars), Simon Rowe (Guitar), Jon Curtis (Bass) and Ashley Bates (Drums).  After a few local gigs the band supported Spacemen 3 at the After Dark Club in Reading. 

Following the show, Spacemen 3 asked Chapterhouse to support them on their forthcoming UK tour in early 1989.  The Spacemen's Manager then began to represent Chapterhouse and over the next few months the band moved to London and started performing regular gigs. Around this time Jon Curtis left and was replaced by Russell Barrett on bass.

In 1990 the band began recording their songs for the first time at VHF, the studio used by Spacemen 3 in Rugby, Warwickshire. 

These early recordings would form the core of what would become the band's first 2 EP's ('Freefall' and 'Sunburst') alongside a few songs that would end up on their first album 'Whirlpool'.

In 1990 the Chapterhouse signed to Dedicated Records. They continued to record new songs and rework some of the VHF recordings. The 'Freefall' EP and 'Sunburst' EP were released in late 1990 and were followed up by 'Pearl' in March of 1991. 'Whirlpool' was released in May of that year and reached 23 in the UK Album Charts.

Chapterhouse toured the UK through the summer of 1991 ending with a sold out show at the Town and Country Club (now the Forum) in London. Their tour included playing the Main Stage at Reading Festival in August, alongside Iggy Pop, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and Nirvana.

Through September to December 1991 Chapterhouse did their first tour of the USA and Japan. The 'Mesmerise' EP was released in October.

The band then took some time out and through 1992 wrote/recorded their second album 'Blood Music' which was released in 1993 with the singles 'She's a Vision/Don't Look Now' and 'We are the Beautiful'.

During the recording of ‘Blood Music’ Ashley decided to leave the band and was replaced by Steve Wren on drums.

A tour of the UK started in August/September 1993 and the band followed this up with a tour of the USA in early 1994.

Half way through the American tour the band were forced to withdraw 'Blood Music' from the shelves due to a lawsuit – it was later revealed that they were not personally at fault but by then the damage had been done.

Fundamental disparities regarding songwriting and production between the band and the label, which had first appeared during the 'Blood Music' album, continued to escalate. The label did not wish to release the band from their contract, but neither did they wish to entertain the band's desire to return to their original songwriting and production values. The only way for the band members to progress was to disband and pursue their musical careers elsewhere.

Chapterhouse played their last show at the UXI Festival in Iceland on the 6th of August 1995 but remain close friends and have continued to work together on other projects.

In August 2008 Andy, Stephen & Simon were asked to join Ulrich Schnauss onstage to perform his cover version of their song 'Love Forever' at the Truck Festival in Oxfordshire. This re-ignited suggestions and offers to play live again so the band temporarily reformed (with Greg Moore on bass) to play the ICA, London in November 2009. The ICA quickly sold out so the band are playing at the Scala on 18 March 2010 followed by brief tours of Japan in April 2010 and the USA in May 2010.

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