YouTube End Screens

YouTube end screens are one of the ways to motivate the viewers to watch another video, to subscribe or do any action you need to be done. One of the biggest mistakes of the beginners is forgetting about this powerful marketing tool. It is possible to insert clickable links and it makes end screens an additional yet efficient way to get more views and traffic for the websites, not just for the channel.

Best Practices

End screens are not the recent addition to YouTube so there are a lot of tips, basic rules and practices, considered to be the best ones and attracting more traffic. So first of all, end screen shouldn’t be too overloaded with information, though beginners try to put there literally everything. There are four main elements, so let’s have a quick look at each of them.

Subscribe Button

One of the main elements is Subscribe Button. Technically it is essential for having a constant flow of new views. It is simple – the more subscribers the channel has, the more views it gets on YouTube. So this element should be present, no matter what. There are some examples below. They have different design, but still one thing in common – it is difficult to miss it. In most templates it takes up to 25% of the screen and is often placed in the very middle.

Video or Playlist

As we mentioned above, it is considered to be a good practice to add relevant or related videos or even whole playlists to the end screen. Thus you are offering the subscribers to watch more content and in most cases it works just fine. They can watch it later in the future if interested or at once. In any case, adding the links to another videos can help to promote your channel in a more efficient way.


Yes, one can promote another channel in the end of your videos and TOP vloggers use this feature, getting some piece of income. As a rule, it riggers a huge increase in subscribing and views of the channel being promoted. YouTubers add some additional text or description with a piece of video content in the end, recommending the users to subscribe, or making a review of the channel.

Another option is to promote your own second channel in case you are working with more than one. It works fine only if the content you provide is good enough so the audience is ready to follow you wherever you appear. In other case it will be a waste of time and the result will be close to zero.

Website Link

If you are promoting a website and are deep into SEO, you should know that relevant traffic from YouTube is considered to be one of the best ways to tell the search engine machines that the website is useful, provides the content of high quality so should be ranked higher in SERP.

Just place the link in the end and ask the users to check it. The rule is similar to the one mentioned above – in case you provide good content, the audience will be ready to follow the link and check the website If not – work on the content than.

How to Set Up End Screens for YouTube Videos

The way you add end screens changed in the 2019, so we are about to provide you with a brief instruction of how it looks now. So please see it below.

Log into your YouTube account and find “Video” tab

In the list click on the video you want to add an end screen to.

You will be transferred to the page, containing all the fields for editing and adding the information to the video. Click the “Editor” tab in the menu in the left menu.

You will be transferred to the page where you can work with the video itself. Find the “Ann End Screen” button in the bottom.

After tapping you will see a pop up window with template options or a blank one.

Choose the one you want and there will be a little menu in the right bottom corner. Each field represents one of the elements to be added and the timing

When you are clicking on one of the fields there will appear another menu on the left, so you can choose which video you want to add.

Do not forget to save the work afterwards.

End Screen Report

Another useful feature is End Screen Report, allowing to monitor the metrics and statistics of the video in general and the individual elements. After signing in to your account click the profile picture and select Creator Studio – Analytics – End Screen report.

There are some main metrics:

  • How much end screen elements were clicked
  • How often they are clicked when shown
  • How many times the elements were shown.

This data can be sorted to suit your needs.